101 Quick & Easy Decluttering Wins To Start Today!

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Let’s keep this simple. You all know clutter is the mountains of extra stuff surrounding you that you have made a lifetime collecting. The clutter may now be causing you stress and making you uneasy. If I just described you keep reading for 101 quick and easy decluttering wins to start today.

Follow this road map I made for you and as the clutter leaves you will begin to feel lighter and freer. If you don’t believe me read what Gregory Fricchione, the associate chief of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School has to report on the subject of stress and cortisol.

Decluttering 101

Plain and simple clutter is all the stuff that is keeping you stuck. You look around and think ‘Where the heck do I start’? You feel tired just thinking of sorting through the piles of stuff in the garage, basement, and other rooms that you haven’t used in 150 years.

Time for quick & easy decluttering wins!

The simple truth is you just have too much clutter. Nothing except getting rid of some stuff will remedy this. The only thing standing between you and clutter-free is you. Let’s not complicate the decluttering process.

a pair of hands holding a blackboard. On it is written build good habits.

Don’t waste time beating yourself up. The accumulation of clutter is a slippery slope. 

There is value too to know what habits may have led you to a cluttered environment and what new habits you can introduce to make a clutter-free maintenance plan.

Journaling and writing is a practice I teach to get to all the answers buried inside you.

The good news is there is a clear and concise way to declutter your life and this is by taking bite-size chunks. Consistent little bites is the key to a decluttered life.

By going into each space in specifics areas in each room and removing at least one object you will start feeling like the winner you are.

Today we will focus on the areas most homes have. Of all your living spaces clutter accumulates in these areas the most.

One small area at a time

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The magic of zooming into small areas is you lose the suffocating feeling of overwhelm. The very act of decluttering one item motivates you to declutter another item.

You will declutter an amazing amount if you follow along the lists I give you below. If you only declutter 1 item each day in 101 days or so you will be 101 items lighter. To declutter 1 item a day will take you about 1 or 2 minutes.

You will feel so motivated most of you will opt for decluttering several items on the list per session. Sort though as many items as you can getting rid of as much as you can.

Household clutter

Household clutter is the accumulation of a lifetime of bringing things into your home and not removing items. Today we will begin to let go of things, one item at a time.

a messy clothes closet with clothes piled on floor and messy on the shelves

As you go along you will notice that with a little decluttering and by having fewer things your spaces will feel better. Keeping your clutter-free, cleaned-out space clean will be much easier and quicker too.

No more frustration and wasted time looking for things. You will be able to find the things you need quickly, thus reducing your levels of stress.

The decluttering process 

The decluttering process is simple it is we who complicate it.  With minimal effort you will move the needle to a clutter-free home.

If I list every single space in your entire house today you will feel totally overwhelmed and most likely not start so I am going to give you the quickest easiest wins to focus on. The most important aspect of this whole thing is to start your decluttering journey today.

Let’s keep this simple. You all know clutter is the mountains of extra stuff surrounding you that you have spent a lifetime collecting. The clutter may now be causing you stress and making you uneasy. If I just described you keep reading for 101 quick and easy decluttering wins.

Follow this road map I made for you and as the clutter leaves you will begin to feel lighter and freer. If you don’t believe me read what Gregory Fricchione, the associate chief of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School has to report on the subject of stress and cortisol.

a red 'x' on a white background and the words 'if you have a good excuse don't use it!

Decluttering excuses

If your family members won’t help you, ignore them, and declutter one item.

Excuse: I don’t have enough time.
Solution: Everyone has 1 or two minutes.

Excuse: Disposal of all this stuff will cost a fortune.
Solution: No, it is not. Download my free 17-page Resource Guide about how to dispose of your clutter for no cost or little cost, items from large to small, including treadmills.

Excuse: I may need this stuff someday.
Solution: If you do you can replace what you need. The 80/20 rule says we use only 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. You likely will not miss the things you discard.

Excuse: I suffer from chronic illness or ADHD.
Solution: Understood and this is why the decluttering 1 item at a time from a list I provide makes decluttering so easy even for sufferers of chronic illness and ADHD. Picking up one item to declutter is manageable to focus on and not tiring because it is only one item.

A modern grey couch and a white coffee table in front of couch with a cup and a simple clear bottle with water and green plant cutting

Flat surfaces

Flat surfaces like countertops, bedside table, your coffee table, dining room table, and kitchen table are quick win areas because you know what belongs here and what does not.

Old mail does not belong on the flat surface you dropped it on last week. Remove the mail and other items and put them where they belong.

Clearing off flat surfaces in a cluttered room helps enormously. You will be amazed at what this easy win gives you.

The easiest way to start racking up your quick wins is to get some heavy-duty trash bags and label each of the 3 trash bags – Trash, Donate & Sell. If labeling the bags in another way makes it easier for you then do so. 

3 black trash bags labeled in red print- sell, donate, and trash

Unwanted items in good condition can be donated or sold. For today simply put the items in one of the labeled bags or where the object belongs.

Similar items belong to similar items. This is very important to remember because when you complete the decluttering process you will start to organize. When like items are with like items you will get a clearer picture of what you still have that needs to be organized.

Flat surfaces tend to be people’s dumping ground. This is an easy step for you to start decluttering one item at a time. By just removing a little bit of clutter at a time you will begin to feel a change. You never have to tackle an entire room.

Almost empty kitchen butcher block counter in front of a white painted brick wall.

Print out the checklist of the 101 Quick and Easy Decluttering Wins I made for you to keep track of your daily wins!

Kitchen Counter

  • Unused small appliances (e.g., toaster oven, blender)
  • Expired or rarely used spices
  • Paper clutter (e.g., old receipts, coupons)
  • Multiple utensils of the same kind
  • Decorative items that collect dust
  • Empty containers or bottles
  • Unnecessary cookbooks or recipe cards
  • Random magnets or notes on the fridge
  • Unused or duplicate cutting boards
  • Excess dish towels or cloths
The white upper cabinets in a kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet

  • Chipped or mismatched dishes and cups
  • Outdated canned goods or spices
  • Unused or duplicate pots and pans
  • Plastic containers missing lids or vice versa
  • Excess drinkware or mugs
  • Specialty cooking gadgets rarely used
  • Old or broken kitchen tools
  • Expired food products
  • Unused plastic bags or containers
  • Kitchen linens or aprons you never use

An easy warm up exercise for decluttering kitchen objects is the kitchen junk drawer. The junk drawer is an easy win because there is little emotional attachment to the elastics, straws, flashlights and bits of string, and easy to toss.

3 kitchen drawers

Kitchen Drawer

  • Junk drawer items (random keys, pens, etc.)
  • Broken or duplicate kitchen gadgets
  • Old takeout menus or expired coupons
  • Unused or duplicate cooking utensils
  • Outdated instruction manuals
  • Specialty tools for tasks you rarely do
  • Broken or dull knives
  • Unused or mismatched measuring spoons/cups
  • Disposable utensils or straws
  • Excess rubber bands or twist ties
a lady picking up a clear glass food container in her food pantry

Food Pantry

  • Expired canned goods or packaged foods
  • Duplicate or rarely used condiments
  • Unwanted or unused cooking oils
  • Stale or expired snacks
  • Half-empty bags of grains or pasta
  • Foods past their prime (e.g., opened bags of flour)
  • Unlabeled or mystery items
  • Bulk items you won’t use in time
  • Dented or damaged cans
  • Excess drink mixes or powdered products
A nice simple bathroom with a tiled shower and glass door and a sink vanity with drawers and cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet

  • Expired medications or toiletries
  • Half-empty or old bottles of lotions/creams
  • Samples you’ll never use
  • Expired makeup or skincare products
  • Unused or duplicate hair products
  • Old or broken hair tools
  • Empty containers or bottles
  • Unwanted hotel toiletries
  • Specialty products for conditions you don’t have
  • Unused or old toothbrushes
a few plastic colorful razors for shaving and a pile of makeup

Bathroom Drawer

  • Expired or rarely used makeup
  • Broken or duplicate hair accessories
  • Old or unused nail polish
  • Expired or unused contact lens supplies
  • Sample products from subscriptions
  • Old or worn-out grooming tools
  • Empty containers or packaging
  • Outdated or duplicate hygiene products
  • Unwanted or unused travel-size items
  • Extra razors or shaving supplies
A clothing closet with a creative system for hanging jewelry and purses

Bedroom Clothes Closet

  • Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year
  • Outgrown or ill-fitting garments
  • Singles socks without a match
  • Clothes in need of repair or alterations
  • Outdated or unfashionable items
  • Duplicate items (e.g., multiple white shirts)
  • Uncomfortable or scratchy clothing
  • Clothes that no longer suit your style
  • Excessive amounts of accessories
  • Clothes that don’t make you feel confident
double bed end table on each side with only matching lamps on them

Bedroom Tables

  • Accumulated clutter (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Unused or broken electronics
  • Outdated or unused decor
  • Excess pens, notepads, or stationery
  • Dusty or unused candles
  • Old or unused coasters
  • Broken or mismatched picture frames
  • Outdated or unread magazines
  • Unwanted or unused trinkets
  • Worn-out or uncomfortable reading glasses
linn closet shelves showing 6 rolled white and pink towels and lined wicker totes on other shelves

Linen Closet

  • Worn-out or stained towels
  • Excess sheets or pillowcases
  • Outdated or mismatched bedding
  • Unused or old blankets/throws
  • Towels or linens with holes or tears
  • Unused or uncomfortable pillows
  • Specialty linens for occasions you rarely host
  • Extra tablecloths or placemats
  • Towels or linens with faded colors
  • Linens for guest beds that are rarely used
coat closet with about a dozen coats hanging on wood pole.

Coat Closet

  • Outgrown or outdated coats/jackets
  • Excess scarves, gloves, or hats
  • Coats needing repair you never fix
  • Duplicate umbrellas or rain gear
  • Coats or accessories you never wear
  • Seasonal items that don’t fit your climate
  • Unwanted or unused tote bags
  • Specialty outerwear for activities you don’t do
  • Coats with broken zippers or missing buttons
  • Outdated or unfashionable outerwear

By the time you declutter these 101 things on the list you will see and feel the difference.


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By being consistent and decluttering one object a day you will get yourself decluttered. You will spend less time cleaning your new clutter-free home and more time enjoying the things you love!

Happy decluttering!

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Marj Bates is a life long ridiculously organized declutter-er and artist. Less is more are words Marj lives by in everything she does except collecting dogs. “Dogs are like potato chips! Can’t have just one.” says Marj. Marj wonders if growing up with a fanatically clean Jewish mom means her decluttering and organizational skills are in her blood.

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