52 Tips To Declutter Your Home & 12 Steps To Maintain

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A list of 52 Decluttering Tips for your entire house! For those of you drowning in too much clutter I am betting you can implement 1 of these tips a week.

Too much stuff!

Are you feeling suffocated by all the stuff in your cluttered home? With a little effort you too can enjoy a clutter-free lifestyle! Decluttering does not have to be daunting task.

Good news! If you don’t have enough time or desire to dive into a full time decluttering process, an effective first step to get through the piles of stuff is to commit to one of these easy tips a week. 

Trade clutter for peace of mind

In less time than you can imagine your physical space will be on its way to sparkling. Additionally you and your family members may feel less stress and better mental health. You may find that within your newly decluttered home you will experience fewer frustrations, distractions and feel more productive.

Material possessions can weigh us down. If your life today is feeling like you have a lot of clutter you can turn this around. In a small amount of time and by applying a few easy steps you will feel a greater peace of mind.

One item at a time

By decluttering one single item at a time you will trade material possessions for a more calming physical environment. For me having a smaller number of things leads to a simpler life.

A simple life brings me peace of mind in all areas of my life! So what are you waiting for! Grab a trash bag and get started.

52 Tips! 

1 Old clothes in your closet and in storage containers you no longer wear

2 Expired pantry items

3 Worn-out or uncomfortable shoes

4 Unused kitchen gadgets

5 Broken or mismatched dishes

6 Outdated electronics

7 Expired medications in your medicine cabinet

8 Unread books

9 Paper clutter i.e. junk mail, excess paperwork and important documents

10 Unused or broken jewelry

11 Tangled cords, cables and outdated phone chargers

12 Outgrown kids’ toys

13 Unwanted or outdated home decor

14 Old magazines and newspapers

15 Dried-up pens and markers

16 Unused or expired cosmetics

17 Worn-out or uncomfortable bras

18 Broken or outdated sunglasses

19 Unused or expired coupons

20 Old and worn-out towels

21 Outdated event tickets and invitations

22 Unused craft supplies

23 Non-functional or outdated appliances

24 Expired personal care products

25 Unwanted items i.e.gifts and trinkets

26 Broken or unusable tools

27 Outdated or unused software and CDs

28 Faded or worn-out bedding

29 Unused or broken phone cases

30 Chipped or cracked glassware

31 Single socks without a match

32 Unused or half-filled notebooks

33 Old and worn-out backpacks

34 Expired or unused spices in kitchen drawers

35 Outdated or unused exercise equipment

36 Empty or near-empty cleaning products

37 Broken or incomplete board games

38 Outgrown or unused baby items

39 Expired batteries

40 Outdated or unused holiday decorations

41 Unused or duplicate kitchen utensils

42 Worn-out or damaged belts

43 Empty or half-used candles

44 Faded or torn curtains

45 Broken or damaged picture frames

46 Unwanted promotional items

47 Outdated or unreadable CDs and DVDs

48 Outgrown or unused sports equipment

49 Broken or unusable furniture

50 Outdated or unused clothing accessories

51 Expired or unused condiments

52 Empty or near-empty toiletry bottles in bathroom cupboards 


You worked hard to declutter your space. Wait! What will you do to prevent the clutter from building? 

12 Tips to maintain your clutter-free home!

One in, one out rule

Follow the ‘something comes in the front door something goes out the front door’ rule when you make a new purchase. Yes there are exceptions to this and every rule. This keeps the overall number of possessions in check.

Regular decluttering session

Schedule regular decluttering sessions, like once a season or every six months. This prevents clutter from accumulating over time and makes it easier to tackle smaller tasks more frequently.

A place for everything

Organizational systems are necessary for home maintenance. When items live in their proper places it’s easier to return items after use, reducing the chances of clutter piling up.

Practice the “one-touch” rule

Deal with items immediately rather than putting them off. When you finish using something, it goes back in its designated place right away.

Limit impulse buying

Think carefully before making purchases.  Ask yourself a couple key questions. Is the item genuinely needed and where will I store it? Avoiding impulse buys prevents unnecessary clutter from entering your front door.

Donate or sell

When you no longer need certain items, donate to a charity shop or sell them, instead of letting them accumulate as clutter. Books can be donated to your local library.

Digital decluttering

Clutter isn’t limited to physical spaces; digital clutter can be overwhelming too. All your digital files need organization systems too. Delete old emails, texts and remove unused apps to keep your digital space clutter-free. Don’t forget to backup everything!

Adopt a minimalist mindset

Embrace a minimalist lifestyle and focus on owning fewer but more meaningful possessions. Recognize that material possessions do not equal lasting happiness, more like a fleeting high.

Practice mindful consumption

Be mindful of your purchasing habits. Before buying something do you consider if the item aligns with your values and if it will genuinely enhance and add to the quality of your life?

Cost of clutter is high

Clutter has negative impacts on your mental well-being and productivity. There are many reasons that have motivated many folks to maintain a clutter-free space.

Clutter and health

Consider the negative mental impact on your health. The environment is another consideration. It takes energy to manufacture goods as it does to dispose of stuff – lots of energy.

If I can’t leave the earth better than I found it I sure don’t want to add to its destruction.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

One does not accumulate a house full of clutter overnight. Creating and maintaining a clutter-free environment is a gradual process and takes time. Using one of these tips each week to start decluttering will add up in a short amount time!

Of course if you are feeling inspired using a tip a day will get you there faster!

If not be patient and celebrate your progress along the way. With consistent effort and these tips, you can enjoy a clutter-free and more organized living space.

You will come to find the easiest way to maintain your newly clutter free home is by adding a few small mindful steps on a daily basis.

Best wishes!

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Marj Bates is a life long ridiculously organized declutterer and artist. Less is more are words Marj lives by in everything she does except collecting dogs. “Dogs are like potato chips! Can’t have just one.” says Marj. Marj wonders if growing up with a fanatically clean Jewish mom means her decluttering and organizational skills are in her blood.

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