12 Fast Easy Tips To Declutter Your Home

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I discovered long ago it is much easier for me to do tasks as they present themselves, rather than keep thinking about it. I used to write the same dreaded task on a to – do list, day after day until it became comical. At that point, no kidding, I would either just abandon all hope of doing chore or just do it.

Usually the dreaded task took about 20 minutes to start and complete. I always have the same reaction which is why didn’t I just do it!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Sometimes when overwhelmed we just don’t know where to start. Ever find yourself walking around in circles going from room to room scratching your head? I physically have to say aloud ‘STOP.’ This works for me when I follow it by grabbing the pups and going for a quick walk. While walking I decide what my first step is.

When we get back I feel refreshed, get on track and actually get some stuff accomplished.

12 fast and easy way to declutter

Here are 12 fast and easy ways to declutter your home. If you are pressed for time pick 1 single item and do just this one thing. Most of these tasks can be accomplished in very little time.

When it comes to sorting through sentimental items and paper clutter you may find it easier to set a timer for whatever time fits for your schedule and plan to continue the next day and so on until task is completed.

By getting through this list one day at a time the chore of decluttering your home is manageable. If you miss a day or just can’t bear to do one of the suggestions go easy on yourself. Do the very best you can. Doing something is better than doing nothing, always. Baby steps get us to the same end goal.

Clear off surfaces 

Take a few minutes to clear off all the flat surfaces in a room, kitchen counters, coffee table, and shelves. Put away or donate any items that don’t belong or that are no longer needed.

Sort through a pile of clothes 

Pick a pile of clothes, such as a laundry basket or a pile on a chair, and sort through them. Put away anything that belongs in a drawer or closet, and set aside anything that needs to be donated or thrown away.

Tackle a junk drawer 

Choose a junk drawer in your home and take everything out. Sort through the items and decide what to keep, what to throw away, and what to donate. Get rid of household items that you have not used in years.

Tip- I eliminated my junk drawer! I will never have to clean a junk drawer again!

Organize a pantry or fridge 

Take a few minutes to organize your pantry or fridge. Throw away any expired items, and group similar items together.

Tip- If you go through your fridge once a week you will never have to do a bug clean again!

Clear out a bookshelf

Choose a bookshelf in your home and take everything off. Sort through the books and decide which ones to keep, which ones to donate, and which ones to throw away.

Tip- If you won’t be reading a certain book again, why keep it? Gift a book to a friend or donate to a library. You will bring a smile to someone and declutter your book shelf!

Go through a box of paperwork

Choose a box of paperwork, such as old bills, mail and important documents- then sort through it. Shred or recycle anything that’s no longer needed.

Get rid of the pile of junk mail you are never going to look at.

Tip- When I bring my mail in it gets sorted immediately. The mail goes directly from the mail box to the recycling bin or to my desk. This eliminates the need to ever have to sort through piles of paper again!

Declutter a bathroom cabinet

First thing to do is to choose one of your bathroom cupboards or drawer and take everything out. Don’t forget about the medicine cabinet. Throw away any expired or unused items, and organize the rest. Maybe drawer dividers will help you organize after you have discarded what is no longer serving you.

Sort through a pile of kids’ toys

Choose a pile of toys, such as in a child’s room or play area, and sort through them. Donate any toys that are no longer played with or that your child has outgrown.

Tip- Include your child in this task and use donating toys to a less privileged child as a learning experience.

Clear out a closet

Choose a closet in your home and take everything out. Sort through the items and decide what to keep, what to donate to a local charity shop, and what to throw away.

Tip- Lots of people are making lots of money selling their good outgrown clothing. Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms make this a very easy task.

Organize a shoe rack

Take a few minutes to organize your shoe rack. Donate any shoes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear, and group similar shoes together.

Tip- There is a very large market for used footwear. Poshmark is well known for this. Newer shoes and boots in great condition sell well.

Go through a box of keepsakes 

Choose a box of keepsakes, such as old photos or mementos, and sort through them. Decide which items to keep, which to donate, and which to throw away.

Tip- If you are having trouble discarding some old family things for whatever reason, check with other family members. Maybe they would love to have the object!

Declutter a desk or workspace in your home office

Choose a desk or workspace in your home and clear off the clutter. Find the best way to organize important documents. You will be reunited with your desktop again!

By getting through this list one day at a time the chore of decluttering your home is manageable. 

Baby steps

Taking baby steps will get you to the same end goal, it just may take a little while longer. There are easy ways and hard ways to do things.  By tackling small spaces and discarding unwanted items you will get your entire home exactly how you want.

Some folks feel so inspired after completing 1 of these tasks listed they are eager to continue. The pay off is huge especially if you felt sure you were too overwhelmed to even attempt decluttering. 

You will feel a sense of accomplishment after day one. On day 12 you will feel brilliant, gorgeous and at least 10 pounds lighter! 

Taking simple steps and doing a little bit at a time in a specific area is the easiest way to tackle a decluttering session So take a deep breath grab that pile of old magazines and begin the process of decluttering!

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Marj Bates is a life long ridiculously organized declutterer and artist. Less is more are words Marj lives by in everything she does except collecting dogs. “Dogs are like potato chips! Can’t have just one.” says Marj. Marj wonders if growing up with a fanatically clean Jewish mom means her decluttering and organizational skills are in her blood.

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