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Let’s face it except for the few minimalists out there most of us have way too much stuff. This is why decluttering has become so significantly popular.

Some of our homes are filled to bursting and some of us suffer from distraction because our heads are swimming in too much information. We all need to decide for ourselves what is too much.

The top two benefits decluttering offers are the promise of creating more physical space and better mental health.

If you are weighing the pros and cons of taking a decluttering journey, just begin because you are probably only procrastinating the decluttering process. 

Define clutter

I am sure what I call clutter and what you call clutter are entirely different things. I can’t focus in a roomful of stuff so I just live with what I use regularly. For instance, I have no use for a dining table and decided years ago the table I have serves me much better in my art studio.

I also have bare walls in my home of 28 years, except for a large screen in my den for viewing media. This is just me. You know what you use and what is unnecessary excess in your home.

How hard can it be to declutter?

Some people live with clutter because it is really hard for them to let go of anything. Some folks suffer with illnesses or mobilty issues. Some people don’t mind clutter a bit and then there are people like me who can’t stand an excess of anything.

There are different types of clutter and there is not a one size fits all solution.

Some folks need medical intervention, and for these folks, I urge them to seek professional help because I have seen the amazing changes people can and do make when shown a better way of living.

Some folks do not notice clutter, this is called clutter blindness. Everyone is different.

I will say upfront, that even for me, decluttering certain areas can be a challenge. Items with sentimental valueold photos, etc can be difficult to go through. Getting rid of old stained or ill-fitting clothing is something I would find easy to do.

When you love things, such as an avid book lover who may have books everywhere, discarding books is certainly not the answer. I love visiting libraries and think how cool it must be for the folks who have devoted rooms for a home library.

If you need organizing books you may be interested to read How To Declutter Books And Organize Bookshelves.

Decluttering can positively impact your life, health, and overall well-being. Why wouldn’t everyone choose to declutter?

Pros of decluttering

More physical space and organized systems

The first thing decluttering your living space creates is more physical space in your home. A little newfound space can feel like lots of gained square feet! What you may not realize is aspects of clutter may cause stress.

We get frustrated when we can’t find the things we need. This causes stress.

Many homes have lots of duplicate things due to repurchasing the things you can’t find. Giving away duplicates would be easy for me because I love giving stuff away!

There are financial benefits to decluttering. If you don’t have an organized system in place to pay your bills this can create a problem causing overdraft fees, services to be disconnected, and affect credit scores negatively . 

If you have a high-stress job it is especially important to come home to a peaceful environment to recharge and relax, and to do the things that bring you joy.

Safety hazard and health issues

Too much clutter in some homes creates potential falling and fire hazards, especially for older, less spry people.

Allergy sufferers are sometimes slow to make the connection between dust and mold attributing to allergies and breathing difficulties.

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Sense of accomplishment and achievement 

Acknowledge you have done a great job! You made a commitment to declutter, and a plan, and you followed through! Don’t stop now! If you are vigilant in home maintenance and rethink your buying habits you may never have to tackle a decluttering project again!

Improved mental health

A clutter-free space can have a positive impact on your overall mental health. I don’t enjoy shopping, at all. When I walk into stores I feel a visual overload, I feel distracted, and unable to focus because there is too much stuff. To me, it translates as really loud bad music.

Streamlined daily life

I dislike clutter because I have always preferred the look of a sparsely furnished space, straight lines, and a monochromatic color scheme for my no-fuss physical living spaces.

As a professional artist, I have never been able to figure our why my artwork is the exact opposite of my home environment. My designs most often have bright loud colors no matter what medium I am working with. Maybe it is the balance of the two opposites I need in my life to center me.

With less stuff around it is much easier to maintain a clean home. I could not bear to spend time dusting and moving stuff around to clean. With more time I get to focus on doing the things I love to do, like being outdoors with my pups, visiting friends, making stuff and writing!

Thoughtful decisions

It makes me sad when I learn a person has been living with bunches of things they never liked and even wanted. By the time I am called in to help, homes are packed with material objects the homeowner never even wanted.

Some people cannot make decisions. This is a huge obstacle when decluttering.

There are times a parent dies, and children when cleaning out their estates bring all this excess stuff into their homes. 

People may accept this because deep down they don’t know what they may prefer. Decluttering provides you with a clean canvas and a creative license to reimagine your living space. 

By getting rid of lots of unnecessary items, you make room for the things you love and are meaningful to you, allowing your creativity to flourish.

Potential cons of decluttering

Attachment to possessions

One major con of decluttering is the emotional attachment we often have to our possessions. This is why making decisions, especially for sentimental items, is difficult for many folks wishing to declutter. Parting with items can be difficult, especially when they hold sentimental value.

Overzealous decluttering

Sometimes, in the pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle, people may go overboard and get rid of things they later regret. It’s essential to find a balance between decluttering and maintaining necessary items.

My tip of the day is to never declutter another’s possessions. This usually ends badly.

Time-consuming process

Decluttering can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have accumulated lots of items over the years. It may require substantial effort and dedication to declutter your entire home.

Decluttering a large house with family members may help to make the obstacle of decision-making easier. With everyone working as a team quick decisions are more likely. 

Plus your family members may be more inclined to keep their space well maintained after working to declutter.

Maintaining a decluttered space

For a person new to living with less clutter, maintaining a clutter-free space can be challenging, as it requires ongoing effort. Without vigilance, clutter can creep back into your life, making it an ongoing process rather than a one-time solution.

I recommend folks who truly want to live in a more organized and clutter-free space look at their ingrained habits if they truly want to live clutter-free. Habits such as overspending and buying, not tidying up consistently after finishing a task, procrastinating, etc need to be examined and changed to make home maintenance manageable.

I have known people who go through the whole decluttering process, only to refill their home and have to order another dumpster – repeatedly. Any positive changes must start with an examination of old habits.

Pros and cons of a minimalist lifestyle

Don’t let the word minimalist scare you off. Minimalism can be whatever you want it to be. This concept does not have to mean living in an almost empty big house without your favorite things. 

The rooms in my home do not at all reflect how this house was staged when I bought it almost 30 years ago. My home reflects who I am. As a neatnik, my home is always orderly. As a lifelong artist, at least half of my home is devoted to studio space.

A great way to discover who and what your aesthetic preferences are is to live in a space for a while while you are deciding how you want to fill it. In other words, don’t just fill rooms the way you think you are supposed to. 

Streamlined daily life

Minimalism and decluttering simplify daily life. The less we have the less we have to manage. This can be especially useful for those overwhelmed by their to-do lists. 

A creative approach to possessions

Decluttering encourages a creative approach to possessions. For instance, nothing enters my home that is not functional or so beautiful and unique that I must have it. An easy way to control clutter for me is starting the process at the point of purchase.

I have been thinking about buying an air fryer for a couple of years now, I think I want one, I picture the uses and I picture where this new acquisition will live. None of the visions I have outweigh the status quo so I have not bought an air fryer.

Maintenance of a clutter-free space

Maintaining a clutter-free space can be an ongoing challenge especially if you are new to this concept. Living clutter-free requires a particular mindset.

I have found it is common for people to not consider how they plan to maintain a new clutter-free space. The example I gave about hiring dumpster services multiple times is true. 

If you want to have a fair chance of succeeding to live without clutter a maintenance plan is essential to have in place. This will likely involve, as I said earlier, a good look at your habits and how you got to the point of needing a dumpster to haul a lot of stuff to the landfill.

Make a decision

The decision to declutter your home and life comes down to your individual needs and preferences. We discussed all the benefits, now you have to make a decision.

It’s essential to approach decluttering with a balance between letting go of unnecessary items and keeping the things you love. This balance allows you to enjoy the positive impact of decluttering while still feeling connected to the areas of your life that truly matter.

Whether you choose to embrace minimalism or simply declutter moderately, the key is to strike a balance that suits your unique circumstances and goals.

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Marj Bates is a life long ridiculously organized declutter-er and artist. Less is more are words Marj lives by in everything she does except collecting dogs. “Dogs are like potato chips! Can’t have just one.” says Marj. Marj wonders if growing up with a fanatically clean Jewish mom means her decluttering and organizational skills are in her blood.

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