Using Effective Organizational Solutions After Decluttering

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If you want to declutter only once you have to set up and use effective organizational solutions after you declutter your possessions. Doing this will jump-start your home maintenance plan. By using organizational systems and changing the habits that got you into a cluttered mess you may never have to do a big decluttering effort again!

It is not difficult to spend a minimum amount of time each day tidying up and this will keep your physical spaces organized and free of clutter. 

By making this plan a daily habit you will come to find you do these things with very little thought. 

Maintaining your new clutter-free home does not take a whole maintenance crew! 

Spending a few minutes a day maintaining your decluttered home is very very easy. 

It all comes down to replacing not-so-good habits with very good habits. 

Declutter First Before Setting up Organizational Systems

Key: Get rid of all the unwanted clutter first. There is no getting around this. Grab 3 big trash bags and label them sell, trash, and donate. Start filling these bags!

If you need help to know how to donate things check out the free Resource Guide I made. This will guide you on how to get rid of almost all the possessions you are discarding.

3 labeled black trash bags

Minimalist Features

Consider adopting elements of minimalism into your daily daily life. This can be done without foregoing your comfort and your favorite things. 

Look at your buying habits. Be honest with yourself. For a true assessment of what you purchase keep an accounting. This can be easily done today by taking a quick note with a phone app. 

Every item you bring into your home is potential future clutter.

One way to maintain your sparkly clean home is to make sure everything has a dedicated space.

There is no shortage of storage organization solutions. You can spend top dollar, a moderate amount, or come up with your creative solutions for free or almost free.

For Effective Clutter-Free Maintenance Use This Rule!

Think about this! If you always removed an item of equal proportion before you brought another item into your home it would be very difficult to get in a cluttered mess again.

Clothing Storage Solutions

a closet showing hanging clothes and accessories creatively stored for easy use

You can have custom made built-ins by a fine craftsman or you can simply hang your clothes in your closet when you are not wearing them. By creating a simple storage solution system for jewelry and accessories you are bound to get more use of these things because you see them more often when they are not hiding in a drawer or scattered about.

closet showing different articles of clothing sorted in different areas of closet

Clothing sorted by category in closets and organized in wire baskets.

4 wire baskets showing clothing sorted within

There are a variety of sizes, and materials of storage containers and baskets for your storage needs, such as wicker, wood, metal, and wire. Some folks like to line baskets with fabric. Do what pleases you.

Effective Food Storage Solutions

I love clear food storage containers because you can find at a glance the item you are looking for. There are so many styles to choose from today. Find a style that sings to you!

clear plastic bulk food containers in pantry

One of the most clutter-causing things in many kitchens is our food storage containers. How many mismatched containers and lids are in your kitchen cabinets?

This set of Pyrex glass-covered food storage containers is one of the best gifts I ever received! From the oven to the freezer! Yes, these are pricier than the cheap plastic containers that need constant replacing. I have read they are a healthier alternative to plastic. Pyrex often offers BOGO sales in some grocery stores!

Pyrex glass Snapware food storage containers in several sizes and are the best for Organizational Solutions After you declutter

Kitchen Organizational Solutions

Our kitchens can be the hub of our homes. To keep clutter at bay in this busy room confine the space to only kitchen items. This is not the place to leave shoes, car keys, books, and other stray things.

Having a mudroom would be so cool! There is a place for everything when you enter your home through the mudroom. Most of us can only dream of this though so if we are vigilant to not come in and leave everything in the kitchen kitchen maintenance will be a lot easier.

The premise of a place for everything and everything in its place is that your home will look tidier, you will not waste precious time looking for things, and it is much easier to keep clutter-free spaces clean.

There is generally nothing on any surfaces in my bath and kitchen because I clean these areas daily and I don’t want to spend my time moving things around when clean. If nothing else I am practical.

Here is a Kitchen Declutter Checklist with 24 things you can toss and Organize today!

If you are short on drawer space a pegboard may be a good option for you.

white pegboard used in kitchen to hang utensils such as a beater and several wooden spoons

One of the simplest organizational solutions, after you declutter, is to use drawer organizers. These always offer a big bang for your buck.

drawer organizing systems for utensils and cutlery are great Organizational Solutions After Decluttering

Any cutlery or utensils drawer would benefit from this drawer organizer. You can find drawer organizers for cutlery and kitchen utensils in many sizes including adjustable and made from several materials like sustainable bamboo, plastic, resin, and metal. There are so many to choose from!

Find what sings to you! 

Under the Stairs Storage is the Ultimate Organizational Solution!

I have many favorite storage ideas and 2 all-time favorite storage places. One is my under-the-stairs storage.

My second favorite storage space, and I have not done this because I don’t need more storage, is to build storage in your stairs. Remove the stair’s kick plate, build a drawer and use the kick plate as drawer front. You will be able to store lots of stuff in these pull out drawers!

Clever Closet in the UK shows more magical solution for stairway storage!

Effective Organizational Solutions for Books!

Some people have dedicated rooms for libraries. For the rest of us simple shelving units will have to do. You are only limited by your imagination!

You can use shelving for books only or add in other things if this appeals to you. Some folks display favorite photographs, little plants, and favorite things. The trick with displaying non-book things on bookshelves is to keep the look clutter-free.

Here are more tips for decluttering books

Have you ever noticed when you go into high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus their displays are striking? Often you will find one item on one shelf. Without clutter, there is no chance for your eye to stray from the object Neiman’s wants you to buy.

Think of filling your shelves this way. Only showcase the things you love minimally and it will look better and be more efficient to find the things you may need. 

Functional Storage

a sectional sofa with built in storage areas makes great organizational Solutions After Decluttering

Talk about smart organizational solutions after decluttering – furniture storage! There are many functional storage solutions. Check out Wayfair.

Storage Solutions For the Bath

A ladder-style shelving unit for towels and things is a space saver in small bathrooms

Adding a simple shelf or two organizes bathroom things. 

Built-in cubbies with baskets tucked in make a very nice job of organizing makeup and little objects and add a nice touch to a bathroom for something a little different.

See this list of 17 things to declutter in your bathroom today.

Workshop and Garage Storage Solutions

pegboard used for storing tools

Pegboard is a great way to hang small tools in a garage in your workshop! Slat Wall Panels work great too for hanging items of all sizes! 

There are so many choices available for hooks in all sizes you can find in your local hardware and the big box stores. You can hang little stuff, lawnmowers bicycles, and things in between.

Check this out for more garage decluttering tips!

Maintenance is Necessary for a Clutter-Free Lifestyle.

Cheap, Creative & Effective Storage Solutions

As an artist, I have come up with cheap storage solutions. I cut plastic lengths of gutter to desired lengths to sort different color Venetian glass rods. 

Cheap sheets of ridged plastic rolled and stapled do a nice job sorting my drawing pencils, and colored pens and pencils.

Stay Motivated and Look Ahead

Once you’ve made significant headway in decluttering, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Maintaining organization solutions is just as important as setting up these systems. Your goal is not perfection but progress. Each step you take makes your space more organized, easier to maintain and a peaceful haven.

So get started today! First get rid of as much stuff as you can. Then come up with a strategy that best fits your lifestyle. Implement your organizational solutions, keep these maintained and you may never have to do a big decluttering again.

If you need help with any of this go over to Declutterbuzz, our free, private, and safe community.

Marj Bates is a life long ridiculously organized declutter-er and artist. Less is more are words Marj lives by in everything she does except collecting dogs. “Dogs are like potato chips! Can’t have just one.” says Marj. Marj wonders if growing up with a fanatically clean Jewish mom means her decluttering and organizational skills are in her blood.

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