Writing: An Easy Tool To Help Decluttering

Writing is An Easy Tool To Help Decluttering

The Writing Habit to start today!

Introduced to me 35 years ago, Free Form or Stream of Consciousness writing became a valuable tool for me to work through creative block. As a self-supporting artist, feeling blocked creatively, meaning I could not come up with a cool design, was not good. I make my living creating art. Creative block caused stress and stress caused creative block.. I found myself stuck on a roller coaster ride that I needed to get off. Writing is the best habit I ever formed!

You have the answers!

Writing unblocks me. Using this style of writing has brought me clarity around any subject I write about. My Art, relationships, finances, wanting a change etc are all subjects I write about to find clarity. With clarity I am able to make the adjustments and changes that will help me. Works every time! This is one of the best tools to keep in your tool box. Writing will reveal to you anything you want to know.

How do I this?

You are putting your innermost thoughts on paper. Sometimes by the end of your writing session you will experience an ah ha! moment. Maybe it will take longer. Try to not be in a rush. This is a process. As more of your truths are revealed the more engaged you will become. Stay with it. You are embarking on a new path. Your writing is for your eyes only. Write fast and messy if you want. Just write.


You got here seeking clarity and answers. You have already asked yourself the important questions ‘what do I want and why do I want this?’

Stream of Consciousness writing

The very idea of Stream of Consciousness writing refers to the writer paying no attention to grammar, spelling or punctuation. This is the only rule to follow. A fitting lesson I learned recently is writers write and editors edit. Mixing the two processes makes writing much harder and writing takes a whole lot longer if you stop to edit.
My preference is to write long hand with a pen and paper. Yours may be typing on a keyboard. Either way is fine.

Writing is a powerful tool.

This is a creative process intended for you to let your ideas flow freely and to capture your thoughts unfiltered. It is positively the way to your truth and the answers you have buried within. This writing is a process you do not have to share with anyone and some writers choose to share their writing with their therapist to work through their stuff. 

What if I am not a good writer?

You are not writing a memoir or polished piece. This is simply a road map to guide you from here to where you want to go. This is a powerful tool. You will tap into your inner most thoughts. Your pen will have trouble keeping up with your thoughts. After a couple of days of writing any fears you may have from staring at the blank page will turn into a great escape. I have been using this technique myself and leading groups of women for a long time with great results.

Techniques and Tips

Find a quiet place to write.
Some write longhand, some use a keyboard.
Some use a cheap spiral notebook to write, others write in a favorite journal.

Just write whatever pops into your head

Do not pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Writing first thing in the morning sets the pace for a positive day!
By making writing the first task of your day this insures the writing gets written.

My aim is to write 3 pages on lined spiral notebook size paper 7 days a week. If you can’t write 3 pages write one page. If you can’t write 1 page start with 1 sentence. Just write!
Make this a priority. If you need to schedule your writing time set an alert like you would any other scheduled task.

What if I am having a great day? What do I write about?

Gratitude! What are you grateful for? 

Try this writing Prompt

If you were not afraid what would you do today?’

Try this today! You will find the act of writing freely will lead you to surprising insights and breakthroughs. For me this has been life changing! Grab a pen! ….or start typing!

Try my free week of writing prompts!

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